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The Security Factory delivers several live ethical demos to the management and security teams of their clients to raise the level of security awareness. They cover different platforms and devices (mobile, Wi-Fi, webcams,…).

The goal is to extend the number of demos so that the clients can choose from a list what interests them most.

Your mission

  • Analyse the existing demos and identify where there is room for improvement and adapt the demo to the actual situation.
  • Create documentation around existing demos and prepare packages that can be easily taken to customers to give “live hacking demos” on the go.
  • Create and document new hacking demos based on recent vulnerabilities.
live hacking demo internship penetration tester

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Your profile

  • You have a passion for information security and are aware of all recent happenings in this domain.
  • You want to share knowledge with your colleagues and learn from their experience.
  • You are creative in improving and finding new ways to demonstrate the importance of information security in companies.
  • You want to take the next step and make people remember you when you show them your expertise in security.

The profile of our team:

Your future team consists of people who work hard, keep up with new technologies & developments, think outside the box, are very flexible regarding our client’s needs, and are experts in their fields. By composing a team of talented and certified ethical hackers, we ensure the best results for virtually any scenario. To facilitate this, we tend to create gurus, not all-rounders. At the Security Factory, we perform our tests manually, our trademark, as this is more effective and delivers higher quality than standard automated tooling. Our team knows when to take things seriously and delivers results. We crafted an inspiring and challenging environment where all employees can grow to the maximum of their potential. Next to penetration testing, there’s more than enough room for pleasantries and fun. Our happiness & fun manager organizes monthly team events where we get together for fun and knowledge sharing.

This balance keeps us going and creates a family-like atmosphere. We stay connected and preserve our bond thanks to our team events.

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