Being an ethical hacker

The word “hacking” has always had a negative undertone. When people hear  the word “hacking”, they often think about stealing money, data or even cause the crash of an entire company. Here at the Security Factory we do things differently. A team of well-trained ethical hackers are helping a wide variety of clients to keep their websites, webservices and infrastructure safe.

Why did I take the path of ethical hacking:

During high school I always wanted to join the computer crime unit of the police. After learning about penetration testing, I thought why not help people before the damage is done. The feeling of finding entry points in a web application or a server is always electrifying! We even have little competitions within the team.



There is also a certain fun factor that goes hand in hand with ethical hacking. Having the permission to hack a website or even an entire network is thrilling, doing something that’s normally illegal just feels badass.

Another exciting thing is that time never stands still. The technology changes quite fast and every client has their way of implementing assets in the environment. Here at the Security Factory the work pace is high, the team jumps from one client to the other. Because we have this high work pace, every day is different in the life of an ethical hacker and each day knowledge is gathered and shared by the team.


Jarich Van Maldegem Security Tester/Ethical Hacker @ tSF


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