About us

A family of pentest professionals with expert skillsets

Our team works hard and has skillsets that are rarely seen. They keep up on new technologies & developments and are experts, each in their own field.

A pentester for software or mobile applications and a pentester for infrastructure are two different profiles. We create guru’s, not all-rounders. With these talented and certified ethical hackers, we ensure the best results for virtually any scenario.

Expert consulting in penetration testing.

Our team of ethical hackers tests the security of your environment. We’ll try to break into your environment, applications and infrastructure. We do this manually, our trademark, as this is more effective and delivers a higher quality than standard automated tooling.

“Quality and a swift service! This is what we stand for at the Security Factory”

– Nico Cooman, Managing Partner the Security Factory.

Our playing field.

Next to penetration testing, there’s more than enough room for pleasantries and fun. Our happiness & fun manager organises monthly team events where we get together for fun and knowledge sharing.

This balance keeps us going and creates a family like atmosphere.We stay connected and preserve our bond thanks to our team events.

How we go about

We’re flexible

  • We think outside of the box when it comes to  our projects. Next to that, we’re also very flexible when it comes to our client’s needs.

We take clear and direct action

  • Our manual assessment delivers the best results and quality. Our team knows when to take things seriously and deliver results.

We make it personal

  • We approach our clients on a personal level
  • The first thing we do when someone applies for a job? Talk! We want to get to know you. We look for a match on a personal level and with the team, as we give continuous opportunities to train and develop your skillset.

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