Let’s check your defenses and put the ‘human error’ to the test

We create awareness among your employees so they deal more consciously with security matters. There are still a lot of human errors that can be avoided, e.g. clicking on unsecure links, social engineering…

Social engineering

We determine the security awareness and resilience of your workforce against social engineering techniques by e.g. trying to penetrate your offices or calling the helpdesk to reset a password.

Phishing campaign

We measure how prone your company is to phishing attacks and act as a company that has malicious intentions. We’ll send out phishing emails to your company and check how people respond: do they open them, do they click on links, do they leave personal data…

Security Awareness as a Service

We manage the execution of the security awareness program. We organize monthly awareness activity based on mutually agreed subjects and formats:

Possible security campaigns
  • “Lock your PC cards”
  • Awareness flyers
  • Intranet article
  • Phishing campaign
  • Live hacking demo
  • Security sweep

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