Penetration Tester

Dream job alert:
the Security Factory is hiring Penetration Testers! Junior, Medior, or Senior?
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Your profile

We expect you to:

  • master both the Dutch and English languages fluently
  • value integrity
  • be passionate about offensive security
  • communicate what you do, and do what you communicate
  • put great importance on having a great team atmosphere
  • be eager to break things (and find multiple security vulnerabilities along the way)
  • know about standards such as OWASP, NIST, CVSS, et cetera
  • adapt quickly to new environments
  • get the hang of new technologies in the blink of an eye

Security certifications (such as OSCP, OSEP, GPEN, GXPN, CRTO, et cetera) are a plus but not a must.

Big plus if you like: gaming after hours, F1 watch parties, airsofting, wining and dining, …


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Your new job

You will become a full-time penetration tester who independently ensures that security vulnerabilities are identified during an assessment and reports the findings to clients afterward.

You will perform penetration tests in many environments, such as cloud IT infrastructures, enterprise networks, wireless infrastructures, active directories, portable devices, IoT devices, ICS systems, APIs, and web-, mobile-, and desktop-applications, amongst others, based on clients’ needs.

For more information on the job, please read the following blog posts written by your potential future colleagues:

The profile of your future team:

Your future team consists of people who work hard, keep up with new technologies & developments, think outside the box, are very flexible regarding our client’s needs, and are experts in their fields. By composing a team of talented and certified ethical hackers, we ensure the best results for virtually any scenario. To facilitate this, we tend to create gurus, not all-rounders.
At the Security Factory, we perform our tests manually, our trademark, as this is more effective and delivers higher quality than standard automated tooling. Our team knows when to take things seriously and delivers results. We crafted an inspiring and challenging environment where all employees can grow to the maximum of their potential. Next to penetration testing, there’s more than enough room for pleasantries and fun. Our happiness & fun manager organizes monthly team events where we get together for fun and knowledge sharing.

This balance keeps us going and creates a family-like atmosphere. We stay connected and preserve our bond thanks to our team events.

Want to get to know the tSF family? Take a look at our meet the team page!

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