Benjamin Bosch

Penetration tester

Hello everyone, my name is Benjamin. Last year, in 2023, I successfully completed my internship at the Security Factory. I am now proud to say that I have
transitioned from being an intern to being a valued member of the team.

Since childhood, I’ve been captivated by cybersecurity and ethical hacking. Whenever a new article was published or there was a television news report on this subject, I would be glued to the TV to learn more. Back then, ethical hacking seemed like an unattainable dream because I didn’t know there were career opportunities in this field. But now, I can say that I’ve landed in such an amazing team, and my childhood dream of working as an ethical hacker became reality.

Explaining my role as an ethical hacker to family and friends can sometimes be
challenging, but I usually put it this way: we use our skills to test companies
legitimately without causing any harm. Our goal is to prevent attacks by
malicious hackers, often referred to as ‘black hat’ hackers, and thereby prevent
significant damage. You could think of us as ‘the good hackers’ or, as they are
sometimes called, ‘white hat hackers.’

Now you might be wondering what exactly my role as a newcomer at the
Security Factory entails. Currently, I am focused on testing web applications,
infrastructure, and WiFi networks. This role offers a lot of diversity, which adds to
its appeal. Additionally, I occasionally conduct Application Security training
courses for companies. In the future, I aim to expand my knowledge further by
getting involved in cloud penetration testing and mobile application security. I’m
looking forward to the challenges and growth opportunities ahead, and who
knows, I might see you soon during the testing of your application or

Meet the time - Penetration Tester - Benjamin

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