The war on cyber webinar

Cybercrime is on the rise. Companies are increasingly aware of this and are trying to take action. To best protect your business from online dangers, it is important to have a clear overview of your current security posture, to have a well-structured security plan, and to realize that each individual in an organization contributes to the security posture of their company.


Seeing is believing. People don’t change their habits ‘because they have to’ or ‘because someone says so’. People take action because they see the benefit, or are afraid of something.

In the workshop, in the form of a free webinar organized by The Security Factory and InfoSentry, we try to concretize the dangers people are subjected to on a daily basis by presenting a live hacking demo, and by providing tips and tricks to protect yourself and your company, implementing some ‘quick wins’, against those threats.

During a one-hour interactive presentation, David Callebaut (Managing Partner at InfoSentry), Nico Cooman (Managing partner at The Security Factory), and Jorden Deserrano (Hacking expert at The Security Factory) endeavour to achieve all the aforementioned and kick-start your cybersecurity posture.

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