Strengthen Your Organization Against Cyber Attacks: The Crucial Role of Phishing Simulations

In an era when cybercrime is on the rise more than ever, phishing, vishing, and smishing are forms of attack that leave businesses vulnerable. This blog post aims to make you aware of the threat while providing practical solutions to protect your organization.

The Threat in Figures:

According to figures from VLAIO, as many as one in eight companies in Flanders falls victim to a cyber-attack. This underlines the urgency for companies to take proactive measures.

The Weak Point: The End User

Experience shows that end users are often the weakest link in a company’s security. Companies sometimes wait until an incident occurs before acting. It is truly amazing how much impact proper end-user training can have on an organization’s security. Within just a few months, this approach can strengthen a company’s protection by more than 90%.

Phishing Simulations as a Line of Defense:

An effective way to increase your organization’s resilience is to use phishing simulators such as our partner These tools allow companies to train their employees and make them aware of phishing risks. By simulating realistic scenarios, employees can learn to recognize suspicious emails, phone calls, and messages. It is proven that a one-off exercise or campaign has only a limited effect in time. Changing human behaviour requires repetition. This is where solutions like comes into play.

The Crucial Role of Phishing Simulations

Experiences and Recommendations:

We have seen how companies often start too late to strengthen their security. Our recommendation is clear: invest in preventive measures, such as regularly training employees using phishing simulations and awareness training. This will make it significantly harder for hackers to target your company.

It is time for companies to take proactive measures in the fight against cybercrime. By training end users and using advanced tools such as phishing simulations, you can significantly strengthen your organization against the growing threat of phishing, vishing, and smishing.

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