Tess Deboel

Penetration Tester

Hey there, I’m Tess, and I wear multiple hats here at tSF. As a penetration tester, my days revolve around ensuring the digital security of our clients’ web applications. Every week presents a new and thrilling challenge, making my role incredibly diverse and stimulating.

Not only do I test our clients’ digital assets, but I’m also responsible for our marketing. Before delving into the world of cybersecurity, I spent four years as a marketing manager. Making the switch was a bold move, and I’m grateful to tSF for giving me the chance to prove myself during my internship.

My journey at tSF has been a rollercoaster of learning and growth. From mastering the ins and outs of penetration testing to finetuning the marketing aspects, I’ve found my stride in balancing both worlds. It’s proof of the supportive and dynamic environment tSF offers.

What’s truly special about tSF is the way they are like family; they’re real friends. We often refer to ourselves as the ‘tSF family,’ and this environment of friendship and support is what sets tSF apart. They not only provide opportunities for professional growth and learning but also offer a support system that nurtures each individual’s journey.

I’m looking forward to tackling new challenges and making a real impact in the realm of cybersecurity, and this with the tSF family by my side.

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