One of the most, if not the most, important values we try to achieve is creating a fun place to work. That’s why in pre-covid times we came together once a month for a ‘fun’ activity and once a year we went to a two-day offsite to combine business and fun. Due to Covid these meet-ups were less regular and mostly digital. With the relaxation of the safety rules, we wanted to organize our physical events as soon as possible. And we started with the banger… a two-day offsite to Ostend. And as we were already sharing an office with the colleagues of Infosentry and performing more and more projects together, we went there with both companies.

The agenda was quite packed and started with a nice and personal welcome of the mayor of Ostend himself. Seemed like a nice surprise for everyone to get a welcome by the mayor of the city we were visiting who is also former Secretary of State of privacy.

The ‘business’ part of the day continued with in depth topics like discussing the new OWASP Top 10, new and complex vulnerabilities we discovered during previous tests, the internships of 2021, etc.

These on topic events were alternated with fun events like a nice dinner, a cocktail workshop, bowling, karting, beach walks, eating and peeling fresh shrimps, etc. These two days were a big relief after the long home working Covid period and brought us physically and figuratively back together. A diverse team: one who set a record while karting, one who can blindly recognize all cocktails, one who caught seagulls by hand at night, and one who had the guts to go skinny dipping in the ice cold water… but most importantly: a group of friends who love working together.
Looking forward to our next fun event in a couple of weeks!