Stijn Follet

Penetration tester

The Security Factory offers a unique service – penetration testing – which immediately caught my interest. Because who doesn’t want to become a real hacker?

My journey at the Security Factory began as an intern, ready to gain knowledge and experience in the field of cyber security. From the start, it was clear that no day at the Security Factory is the same. The ever-changing landscape of security always offers new challenges, giving me the opportunity to quickly expand my skills and understanding of the field.

During my internship, I found myself in a dynamic environment where I was constantly encouraged to think critically and creatively to solve problems. Every new challenge that arose was a valuable learning opportunity, giving me practical insights into different aspects of cyber security.

After completing my internship, I decided to continue my journey at the Security Factory. Over time, I transitioned from being an intern to becoming an integral member of the team, contributing actively to our collective mission of safeguarding digital assets and infrastructure. By now, I have done multiple projects, each with its own unique challenges.

My aim is to consistently push boundaries, continuously learn and innovate, striving for a profound understanding of everything the digital landscape has to offer.

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