Steven Verscheure

Technical Lead

Haydie how people!
Let me inspire you with my journey within tSF. My name is Steven Verscheure, technical lead within tSF. I have been part of the team since September 2017.

As a graduate, it is not easy to be thrown straight into the work field. The topics covered in school and those you see in day-to-day business are very different. I therefore decided to first gain some experience doing pen testing on multiple assets.

Once I had gained the necessary experience, it was time to challenge myself further and take additional certificates, which is why I decided to undergo OSCP in 2021 and complete OSEP the following year.

After I passed both certificates, I was given the opportunity to become a technical lead at tSF. In my role as a technical lead, I ensure that testers can come to me with any technical questions and that all tests are completed successfully. Effective communication between clients and the Security Factory is crucial to this process.

Besides assisting the testers, I also still try to keep up and challenge myself. I am still responsible for the social engineering part and often take on full red team assignments. Although time is sometimes a difficult factor, I also still try to dedicate myself to keep learning. Thus, I currently have access to the learning material to obtain the CRTO certificate.

In a nutshell, I have currently been part of the tSF team for 7 years and I am still not tired of it. Challenging tasks keep coming my way, which I grab with both hands.

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