Home working security test

Don’t be laid back on cyber security at your home office

In no time we were forced to introduce home working. We needed technical solutions, guidelines and policies. We started communicating with each other in other ways.

And we did it fast!

How can we make sure home working is done in a safe and secure environment? Testing is the most effective method for assessing and improving the security level of your homeworking setup.

TSF - Home working security test

Introducing new risks

We needed more and stronger VPN and telecommunication solutions, we had to expose internal resources to the outside etc. Functionally, we made it all happen. By enabling employees to access their files, documents and applications from home, didn’t we introduce new cyber security risks? We did. And these risks are quickly becoming more and more exploited by attackers. The external perimeter is becoming bigger because of the connection we allow for our homeworkers.

The weak spot: awareness

We started communicating more and more in a digital way: mail, chat systems, phone calls, etc. In fact… we are getting overwhelmed by it. As a result, we are sometimes unaware of cyber-attacks. Phishing and social engineering were already a very successful attack vector as the human aspect remains the weakest link.

With more and more employees working from home, attackers shift their focus more and more to it.

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Identify and have a clear view on the security risks

The Security Factory is introducing the home working security test in order to identify and to have a clear view on the security risks exposed in your homeworking setup.

We target the following 3 focus area’s:

  • External network security test: assessing the security of your externally facing perimeter such as web servers, mail systems, VPN solutions etc.
  • Phishing/vishing test: we will perform targeted simulations towards the employees with the goal to retrieve VPN connection details
  • Breached VPN simulation:due to possible technical flaws or harvested credentials we will connect to the VPN service and simulate an attack. The main goal is to demonstrate the possible impact of this potential breached remote connection.
TSF - Home working security test
TSF - Home working security test

What can you expect from this test?

The outcome of this test will:

  • Give you a clear overview of the exposed risks and vulnerabilities in the focus area of attackers during homeworking times
  • Create increased awareness for employees to demonstrate that a home working office also needs to be a secure working environment