Nico Cooman

Managing Partner

My name is Nico, and I have been working at tSF since 2013 and have been the managing partner for the last six years.

At tSF, we strive to be the best in penetration testing. We noticed through the years that many companies offer penetration testing services as part of their portfolio. The downside of being a pentester is that you can work on a test from time to time, and in between, you get other non-testing related assignments. That’s how tSF was founded, believing it should be possible to create a company specialized in only penetration testing. A home for penetration testers at which they can do only what they love to do and have colleagues with the same passion to discuss and brainstorm with.

My job contains a bit of everything: HR, sales, finance, etc. Keep the company and all colleagues heading in the right direction. Personally, I get the most satisfaction out of HR and sales. Making sure our colleagues can do their job without too many side hassles. Making them as comfortable as possible ensures they are happy so they can excel in their testing. Besides that, I still love talking to customers and listening to their needs. After all these years, I still get excited every time we can help a customer, regardless of how big or small his question is.

tSF is a young and dynamic team. This is something that makes me wake up and drive to the office with a smile. The team is always happy to help one another. There is always a good vibe, a lot of fun/jokes, music in the office, and the occasional darts game or BBQ. All of this makes it fun to go to work! I am really proud of this team!

My goal for the coming years is to keep providing a home for security testers to ensure they can do what they love and to provide the best possible testing service to the market. There are still a lot of doors for us to open, and I can assure you that we will do this with the entire team.

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