Liselotte Diericx

Marketing & Talent Acquisition Coordinator

Hi there, I’m Liselotte, Marketing and Talent Acquisition Coordinator at tSF. In my dynamic role, I play a pivotal part in enhancing our brand visibility and attracting top talents.

Working in marketing for a cybersecurity company is interesting owing to the dynamic nature of the industry. In my function, I am responsible for both offline and online marketing, making it a perfect blend of creativity, strategy and adaptability. It’s not just about promoting services; it’s about raising awareness regarding the constantly shifting landscape of cyber threats.

Ensuring the well-being of colleagues is important, as I believe a supportive and positive work environment fosters collaboration, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. Matching individuals with the right positions is not just a task; it’s a fulfilling mission.

At tSF, colleagues aren’t just coworkers; they are friends. We enjoy moments of fun together and can always rely on each other for work-related matters. Additionally, I continuously expand my knowledge, thanks to the collaborative learning environment fostered by my colleagues.

The ever-changing landscape of marketing keeps me agile, and I look forward to the challenges that each day brings in this consistently thrilling field.

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