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Importance of security for the customer

  • GlobalSign is a Certificate Authority and one of the world’s largest identity services companies providing cloud-based, highly scalable PKI solutions. Because GlobalSign is trusted by software suppliers, browsers, operating system vendors and governments, they are a high-interest target for criminal organizations and nation-state actors.
  • As such, GlobalSign upholds the highest security standards and requires regular security assessments of their applications and infrastructure. This is also a mandatory requirement from international regulatory bodies to allow GlobalSign to remain a recognized Certificate Authority.
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The mission of tSF

  • Because of these high security standards, tSF is regularly performing security assessments for GlobalSign.
  • TSF performs periodic security assessments of existing applications and infrastructure, as well as ad-hoc assessments of newly developed applications.

Why tSF

  • TSF is a supplier having high-quality resources with a deep domain knowledge. Collaborations have been smooth, efficient, and honest. Throughout the years we always had a very positive collaboration.
  • Additionally, tSF shows great flexibility whenever planning must be changed due to unforeseen circumstances on our end.
  • Finally, tSF reports are comprehensive and complete. Which makes it easier for GlobalSign to remediate the discovered vulnerabilities.