Colruyt Group Customer testimonials

Importance of security for the customer

  • Colruyt Group is a family business that has grown over three generations into a retail group with almost 33.000 employees and a diverse portfolio of food and non-food formats, in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Within Colruyt Group cybersecurity is managed by IT as a centralized service. Around 80 people are working full time on IT security.
  • A very diverse set of activities needs to be secured, going from webshops over internal systems to IoT applications. Colruyt Group recognizes the real and increasing threat on IT security and organizes itself to protect its operations.
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The mission of tSF

  • Initially tSF was engaged for their outstanding expertise in PEN testing, which they are still doing today by integrating an external resource in the internal PEN testing team. In this approach, the external resource is rotated each 6-12 months in order to ensure the added value of the outsider perspective.
  • The supplier relationship has in the meanwhile grown towards a partnership where tSF is also keeping the Colruyt Group internal PEN testers up to date on the latest technologies, and where they act as a management level sparring partner on general security.

Why tSF

  • Besides the excellent domain expertise, a high level of trust and integrity is key in a security supplier collaboration. On both aspects tSF structurally excels. This integrity is also shown in solutions which are proposed, which are always starting from the customer’s interest and perspective.
  • TSF doesn’t compromise in their consultant selection process. The standards are put very high. Besides the required technical skills, also a lot of attention is put on attitude and communication skills of each of their people.