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Importance of security for the customer

  • Car-Pass supplies certificates showing the car history based upon mileage registration at each official automotive professional. This way the mileage history is transparent for any potential buyer of a pre-owned car, preventing fraud and guaranteeing a level playing field in the second-hand market whilst protecting the consumer.
  • The business model is entirely based on the correctness and integrity of data. The database is considered as the ”holy grail” of Car-Pass. Therefore, appropriate security measures are fundamental. The past years this importance only increased.
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The mission of tSF

  • There is a huge awareness on security throughout the company. Through awareness sessions tSF is supporting in making security a responsibility of each single person within the company. They help us through phishing campaigns, life hacking demos and general awareness campaigns.
  • Next to the behavioral aspect, tSF is our partner on technical support with regards to security. They perform PEN tests and act as advisor on remediation actions. They are an important piece in the build-measure-learn journey we continuously have as a cybersecurity function.

Why tSF

  • Next to the pleasant collaboration, tSF is taking you on a continuous improvement journey of testing and remediation. We received our ISO certification earlier this year, which wouldn’t have been possible without this gradual improvement trajectory.
  • Choosing for tSF is a choice beyond a standard pentest report. They are exploring application holes and advising on remediation actions. And they translate those in a roadmap with clear priority setting.
  • TSF is listening to your company needs, and offering a solution tailored to those needs rather then following a standard report structure. Additionally, they also highlight strong points in the report which is something I haven’t seen at any of their competitors.