Our business development manager

Pieter has been our Business Development Manager for the past 4 years. It’s time for him to pursue his new career ambitions. Rather than writing out a boring vacancy, here’s Pieter. Describing the job he’s been doing so well for the past years for us. Like what you’re reading? Meet up with Pieter and see if you got what it takes to walk in his shoes.

My bio

As Business Development Manager I bring in new potential customers and partnerships. It is my goal to ensure that the Security Factory remains first in mind when organizations need a penetration test or awareness services, both with new prospects and existing customers.

I’m end to end responsible for tSF’s commercial goals. Making sure that our team of ethical hackers always has projects to be working on. These projects being mostly short in nature, it means I get to score deals on a regular basis. These regular victories give me a boost every time. When I first started this job, I didn’t know the first thing about ethical hacking or IT for that matter. Talking to the team made it easier to understand the business. Our consultants are always available to join me on a customer visit.

So if you love managing the end-to-end sales cycle, without having to wait months to see results, the tSF team and I will be happy to make sure you get to know the business and the world of ethical hacking. Before you know, you’ll be scoring quite some deals here.



Customers who don’t beat around the bush and tell it like it is

Feedback of consultants on positive client experiences/satisfied clients

Scoring deals, preferably unexpected deals

A game of darts to relax




Open communication

Direct feedback


Rescheduling projects

Not seeing progress

Infinite follow up because customers don’t give feedback or are afraid to be honest

People who take no ownership

My skills

Taking initiative8
Time management5
Active listening8
I’ve told you a little about myself and my job at TSF, but now it’s your turn.
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