Brussels Airlines Customer testimonials

Importance of security for the customer

  • Brussels Airlines is the leading Belgian airliner, part of the Lufthansa Group and the Star Alliance. It is one of the largest users of Brussels Airport, with a multitude of destinations. Security is managed on a strategic, tactical and technical level. Always in close collaboration with the group level.
  • Security is both a necessity, as an added value for the customer. Both flights and data should be secured. Security is recognized as highly important and reflected by a board seat dedicated to security via the Group CISO.
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The mission of TSF

  • TSF is supporting for many years already as external advisor to the CISO. In this role, they deliver knowledge,expertise and advise.
  • Additionally, tSF delivers highly skilled experts which are difficult to find on the market.
  • Finally, tSF also performs ad hoc PEN tests. Mainly of new infrastructure and applications. Always with satisfying results, as their tests are at the same time in-depth and without production system impact.

Why tSF

  • Most of all, the expertise which they have, show and continuously keep up to date. And next to that the big flexibility they show in planning based upon our own agile and continuously changing business. They will do everything to answer the customer’s question.
  • TSF is extremely customer-oriented. You don’t get just a resource, but you get a result. From a person thinking along to your company targets.