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Importance of security for the customer

AET offers both deep sea and short sea line services, with berths to worldwide locations. The short sea service transports different types of cargo to or from the Mediterranean area. The deep sea service’s core business is focused on the Atlantic trade, with links to West Africa, South America, North America and Canada.

Because of our place in the logistical chain, our security needs to stay up to the task of securing our business. Cybersecurity is a central issue when developing and building systems as they may contain sensitive information of several parties.

AET Euroterminal (AET)

The mission of tSF

tSF provides us a valuable service in identifying potential issues that might be exploited in a sustained attack on our business. Since prevention and remediation is much more preferable over learning-under-fire, tSF has a vital role in safeguarding our systems, both crown jewels and auxiliary infrastructure.

Why tSF

Since the first time tSF has assisted us in hardening our systems, we have not parted ways again. We see them as crucial for validating systems and will not let new implementations go live without having tSF checking them for any possible issues.